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General questions

What is FrontISTR?

FrontISTR is an open-source structual analysis solver that can be used not only Windows and Linux PC clusters, but also on massively parallel supercomputers such as the K computer.

Dose FrontISTR include a meshing tools or result visualization tool?

No, FrontISTR does not include meshing tools and visualization tools. The meshing tool and the result visualization require a separate pre-post tool.

What pre-post tools are available that support it?

In the open-source tools.

and so on.

In commercial software.

  • A
  • B
  • C

and others are supported.

Where can I download FrontISTR from?

FrontISTR Group Download it from Download.

What is the license for FrontISTR?

The license is MIT License.

Where can I find FrontISTR manual?

Please see FrontISTR Manual.

About element types

Default element type

By default, hexahedral first-order elements are

  • Linear analysis, Non-conforming elements
  • Non-linear analysis, B-bar elements(< version 5.0a)
  • Non-linear analysis, F-bar elements(>version 5.0b)