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Supported installation procedure

This software supports two procedure for compiling.

Compile with cmake

This software supports compiling the software using cmake.

cmake need to be installed in advance. cmake can be downloaded from the following website:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make -j2
$ make install

cmake will search libraries and headers and gererate proper Makefiles for compiling. If you have multi-cored CPU, you will run parallel make for saving compile time.

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Compile with editing Makefile.conf manually

This software supports compiling the software manually edited Makfile.conf.

$ cp Makefile.conf
$ vi Makefile.conf
  Edit Makefile.conf manually, indicate the location of libraries and headers.
$ ./ [Options]
$ make
$ make install

When difficult to set automatic configuration with cmake, recommend manually editing Makefile.conf.

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